Kindle Flash Cards

Digi Ronin is proud to introduce our line of educational content for the Kindle.  Our “Flash Cards for Kids” line  is an excellent companion for homework, everyday use, or even a long car trip.  Our products are designed to be used as standard flash cards, multiple choice quizzes and each also allows kids to directly input the correct answer.  With multiple modes and multiple levels in each product learning will never be dull!

For more information about a product click the image below and you’ll be directed to the Kindle Store at Amazon.  Stay tuned, these first products are only the beginning.

Feedback from our teachers:

“I really love it, I let one student try it today and the others around him were begging me for a turn :) I was actually sad to see you didn’t have more programs. I also like how I can use the same program at home with my 1st grader, he could easily practice his addition and subtraction without much of my assistance.”

— Yvonne (5th Grade Math Teacher)